Storience Wins Gold at A’Design Award for Avenor College Rebranding

Branding agency Storience has won Gold at one of the biggest international design competitions, A’Design Award and Competition. The rebranding of Little London School into Avenor College competed in one of the most crowded categories – Graphics and Visual Communication.

Storience’s project was selected out several other thousand by a jury of professionals, academics and focus groups. The project will be displayed in an exhibit in Italy and as part of a design catalogue featuring the winning works.

Over 12,000 design projects from 208 countries entered this year’s A’Design Award competition, within 105 categories. Out of those, 758 works from 77 countries won Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Metal awards.

The Romanian private education sector can produce significant success stories, and we are proud to have had the opportunity to work on some of them. Avenor College has every chance to become a benchmark for pre-college education in Romania, as they aim to. Branding will play an important role in achieving this.

Adriana Liute
Managing Partner at Storience
A’Design Award trophy

This is the third award won by Storience in less than two years, and the second for the rebranding of Avenor College. Just two weeks ago, Storience and Avenor College received a Highly Commended distinction at Transform Awards, a European rebranding competition based in London.

The double recognition that we have received is just the tip of the iceberg. To us, the fact that the parents, the teachers and the students sincerely identify with the Avenor College brand is essential.

Diana Segarceanu
Executive Director at Avenor College


  • Brand audit, strategy and naming: Adriana Liute, Stefan Liute, Maria Dumitriu
  • Identity design: Andrei Robu
  • Web design and web development: Alexandru Gugurel, Doru Sana and Stefan Gugurel
  • Avenor College: Diana Segarceanu, Andreia Grossu and Cristina Pop

Storience is the branding agency on the side of good brands. Brands for whom commercial success and positive social impact derive from the same business strategy. Founded in 2012 by a team of seasoned professionals, the agency has served over 60 clients and won multiple awards in Europe and the United States. Storience has offices in London and Bucharest.


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