Branding for good

We are the branding agency on the side of good brands. Brands for whom commercial success and positive social impact derive from the same business strategy. Brands who are good pros, good neighbours and good dwellers of this planet. Doing good while doing well is the new smart, and now is the time for it.

Branding for good

Why do good?


of CEO’s

worldwide believe that

committing to a social

purpose is a differentiator

in their industry (Accenture

global 2016 study on 1,000



of people

worldwide (and 73% of

millenials) say they’re willing

to pay more for sustainable

brands—up 55% from 2014.

(Nielsen global 2015 study on

30,000 people).


of people

believe businesses are as

accountable as governments

for improving their lives,

but 72% think that businesses

fail to do that (Accenture /

Havas Media global 2014

study on 30,000 people).

Who’s a good brand?

There are many kinds of good brands. Some solve a social problem, like Teacherise, an app that connects supply teachers with schools, making more money for the former and saving millions for the latter, while being themselves profitable. Others are like ISHO, a new, mixed-use real estate development that pays attention to the needs of its dwellers and its city like no other before. Some are like home care services platform Ajusto, who chose to differentiate through uncompromising standards and principles in a market where these were inexistent. Yet others, like Bookster, turn tens of thousands of corporate employees into avid readers, making it easy and fashionable to borrow and read all kinds of books.

These are brands who know their success increases whenever they make others part of it. They push forward and take the world along, connecting their commercial gain with social progress.

Become one now

We can help you if:

  • you have never considered differentiating through social impact. Then, you need us to help identify the kind of impact you could make, before building and communicating your brand around it;
  • you already have a clear vision of how your brand can generate both money and a positive social impact. Then, you need us for branding and communicating your offering.

This is a turning point in the way people look at brands, and you’ll want them looking your way. Let’s talk.

  • Our services include:

  • Analysis and auditing (qualitative research)
  • Strategy (definition and planning) for
    corporate, product, service and employer brands
  • Communication strategy
  • Brand naming and visual identity
  • Concept, copy and design for brand communication
  • Web design and development

Track record

With offices in UK and Eastern Europe, Storience was founded in 2012 by two brand strategists who brought along senior designers and programmers to build captivating brands and brand experiences. The agency has worked for technology, professional and consumer services, FMCG, education, retail, real estate and industrial brands in Europe and the United States, winning several international awards. But, most importantly, it has helped build some successful and progressive brands that became standards in their field.

Our key people

Adriana Liute
Adriana Liute
Adriana Liute
Adriana has over 14 years of experience in communication, split between brand consultancy, marketing at pan-European level for a multinational, internal communication for a 2000+ employee organisation and journalism. She co-founded Storience.
Ioana Proca
Ioana Proca
Ioana Proca
Ioana has worked in communication for the past 12 years, handling online strategy and development projects, branding and brand activation management, communication planning and execution, including TVCs. Her account management experience covers multinationals, as well as entrepreneurs.
Stefan Liute
Stefan Liute
Stefan Liute
Stefan has been in branding since 1999. He co-founded two branding agencies, taught strategic brand management, has spoken at international events and has been in the jury of several award competitions which he had previously won. He is a Storience co-founder.
Ovidiu Sebastian Pop
Ovidiu Sebastian Pop
Ovidiu Sebastian Pop
A designer since 2005, Ovidiu has specialised in brand design in 2008. He designed for over 40 brands, such as Farmaciile Punkt, Veranda Mall, ISHO, Ajusto, Computaris, Oresa, Julius Meinl, Naturlich, Pizza Hut, Agricola Bacau and Kandia Dulce. Several of his projects have won international awards.
Miruna Modilca-Belgun
Miruna Modilca-Belgun
Miruna Modilca-Belgun
Miruna is a designer with a passion for bold colours and powerful, yet simple concepts. She has worked in the field for over 4 years, experimenting with branding and print design. Twice a year, she’s involved with organising an alternative design school and a snowboard competition.