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Little London rebrands
as Avenor College

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Summary: Not many schools have the ambition to inspire their country’s entire education system with new, progressive standards and replicable solutions of excellence. Little London was starting to be such a school when they approached us in 2013 for a complete rebranding. With a new name and image, Avenor College has been creating future ever since, adding a Cambridge-accredited international high school to its elementary grades and nursery school in 2015.

Private schools are a relative novelty in Romania, with most of them being less than two decades old. Public schools have a mixed reputation, with underfunding and lack of curricular reform affecting all but a few of them in terms of student performance and development, and parent satisfaction. At the same time, the wider public regards private schools more like service providers who are more eager to please than to really teach and educate the children in their care. Of course, the reality is in many cases starkly different from this perception.

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In 2003, the client (who is incorporated and run as a non-profit organization) started out as a nursery school called Wonderland, and later changed its name to Little London. They have since grown into a thriving academic community, adding elementary grades, and were preparing to add a high school in 2015. When they approached Storience in 2013, they knew they had long outgrown their brand identity. Their stakeholders no longer found a name starting with ”Little” appropriate.

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Creating a brand identity that would gain acceptance throughout the school community began with an audit that explored perceptions of three very different stakeholder groups: teachers, parents and children. The audit highlighted three key points:

  • A philosophy of individual freedom, which stresses finding and building on each student’s unique strengths and passions;
  • A tightly-knit student-parent-teacher community. This rarely happens in Romanian schools, most of them public and plagued by demotivation;
  • An ambition to inspire Romania’s entire education system with new, progressive standards and replicable solutions of excellence.
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Through its roots, the newly minted brand name Avenor speaks of the road (avenue) to the future (French: avenir). This idea is explicitly reinforced by the new brand slogan, Creators of Future.

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The new logo in the shape of a star (or a crossroads) made up of simple, colourful stripes, depicts the school community with its autonomous constituents, each creating their own way towards the future but at the same time having a shared purpose.

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The Little London name and identity, suitable for an institution that began as a nursery school, had lagged behind reality, just like clothes on a child who turns into an adolescent. The new Avenor College identity provides the maturity and the prestige that older students need to feel proud of their school.

Adriana Liute
Managing Partner, Storience
Avenor College stationery

Since Avenor College was proud with its ”talking walls” (walls covered with students ideas and school projects) as a teaching/learning instrument, we decided to make the identity guide into a poster for the Communication Officer’s office.

The whole of the new brand identity was enthusiastically received by students, parents and teachers alike, who instantly identified with it and took it up with much pride.

Our goal has been reached: we have a new name with great potential, one that is full of meaning, British-sounding yet meaningful in other major languages, easy to remember with a positive vibe, and able to take you to a place where you really want to learn and live. We really found ourselves in this new name.

Diana Segarceanu
Executive Director, Avenor College
Avenor College website
Avenor College website
Avenor College website

This project received several international awards, starting with Gold at A’Design Award in Italy, and continuing with Bronze at Transform Awards in London. For Storience this was the second rebranding in the education industry after Shakespeare School, another winner at the international competition Transform Awards 2013.

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When we chose Storience for the rebranding process, we were like a student before one of the biggest exams in their life, eager to get to the next stage of our journey, but full of emotions, fears and questions. I hope our students feel as well guided on their way by Avenor College as Storience guided us on our rebranding.

Diana Segarceanu
Executive Director, Avenor College
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Avenor College
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