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Summary: We rebranded iMedicare in 2014 to assertively express their essence: the app is a slingshot in David’s hands when facing Goliath. It empowers over 5,000 small, independent pharmacies across America in their unequal fight with much bigger, deeper-pocketed competitors, who get better deals from insurers. This project was a Silver winner at Transform Awards North America.

Medicare - the health insurance system in the United States - partly covers the costs of medicines for patients. Its plans are notoriously difficult to understand and navigate to both patients and pharmacists. On top of that, big pharmacy chains get better deals from insurers, leaving independent pharmacies and their patients at a disadvantage.

iMedicare logo before and after

iMedicare is a smart and friendly app that helps independent pharmacists across the United States to choose the best plans for their Medicare patients, by cutting through bureaucracy and unnecessary complexities. Founded in 2012 by an entrepreneurial duo (including a pharmacist), iMedicare reached critical mass in 2014, when its clientele boomed to several thousand. At that point, the founders realized the iMedicare brand needed both strategic and visual clarification so that it could reach its market potential. The old visual identity was too generic and invited confusion with Medicare, the social security program.

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Based on the regular conversations iMedicare sales people have with their customers, we became aware that independent pharmacists feel small and powerless in a market dominated by bigger, savvier competitors. We decided to leverage this insight and convinced the client to be more assertive about their helping the little guys fight back. iMedicare came to mean ”fearless technology for fairer healthcare.” This software is a very useful tool in the asymmetric confrontation between small, independent pharmacies and their giant competitors. It is brain mass and customer-centricity versus muscle mass and sheer size of the bank account.

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The new visual identity expresses the essence of iMedicare: the app is a slingshot in David’s hands when facing Goliath. It is a tool that empowers small, independent pharmacies across America in their unequal fight with bigger, deeper-pocketed competitors.

We aimed for a simple visual representation of this reference, so the new logo features the stone as it stretches the sling. The invisible David and Goliath are on the opposing sides of the weapon. A stylized spinning stone forms the basis of the design style.

iMedicare brandbook

increase in leads after rebranding

The new identity was rolled out across user interfaces (website and application) and communication materials, along with a matching style that employs modern, flatly designed icons and illustrations. An animated version of the logo is also in use as a signature for video materials.

iMedicare animation

Three months into the rebranding, the new iMedicare website was already bringing 30% more leads than its previous version. The sales have increased by 10% and employees have taken pride in their new corporate identity.

Storience helped us define who we are. Both for the outside world, and for our own team. We each had a different idea of what we stood for. Going through the process step by step with Storience solidified the foundation on which we can build a bigger, better company. Customers noticed immediately, potential customers were more impressed than ever before, and our team was very proud.

Flaviu Simihaian
Co-Founder and CEO iMedicare
iMedicare website

Our mission is to add extraordinary value to independent pharmacies with small but powerful tools. The new brand identity encapsulates this mission in a way that eectively broadcasts it to our market. The re-branding has undeniably attributed to impacting our bottom line, as retention rates have improve and new sales have increased by over 10%.

Matt Johnson
Co-Founder and COO iMedicare
iMedicare website
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