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Summary: 15 years after the launch of her first single, pop star Andra decided to ”reach the next communication level” and approached us in order to help her succeed.

Known for her voice, her optimism and her genuine way of being, Andra is one of the few Romanian singers who has managed to stay relevant 15 years after the launch of their first single. A mother of two, Andra continues to charm audiences of all ages, each of her songs becoming a radio hit and gathering tens and even hundreds of millions of views on YouTube.

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Although she has a powerful stage presence, Andra has never had a distinctive visual identity. In 2015 the singer decided to change that and to interact more with her audience, through new communication channels.

I have always wanted to work on my image strategy and reach the next communication level. (Paginademedia.ro)


In doing this, the artist sought for her brand to stay relevant now and in the future.

Andra folder
Andra folder

To find out how people perceived Andra, we questioned some of her close collaborators and we analysed her social media conversation with the fans.

The resulting data helped us identify the red thread on which we built the artist’s positioning and graphic signature: Andra has an extraordinary voice and a huge popularity, but she stayed a warm, open and truthful person.

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Andra’s new logo combines two pleasantly contrasting elements that reflect the unexpected marriage between an exceptional voice and an approachable person. A massive and upward column (the voice) combines with a delicate musical note that descends naturally among people (the human, the artist, creative and playful). The two contrasting components make up Andra’s initial. The brand’s new main colour is a strong and feminine shade of red, suggestive of the artist’s warm and inspiring personality.

More than a musical element, the accolade in the new visual style reflects the artist’s musical versatility.

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