Vinarom Brand Revival

The return of an icon

Vinarom paint buckets

Summary: We redesigned the label of one of pre-revolutionary Romania’s best known brands: the Vinarom washable paint, a long-time category standard manufactured by market leader Policolor.

From a historical perspective, Romania’s washable paints market looks like a roller-coaster. After a steep surge fuelled by the country’s construction boom, it plummeted in 2009 and has fought the economic downturn for many years afterwards. Margins and consumption were still low when Policolor approached us to revive a brand contemporary with those living the communist times.

Vinarom collage

Policolor is a traditional paints manufacturer and a market leader in multiple categories. With products listed in over 2,000 traditional and modern retail locations, it also operates its own stores.

Best known for its mainstream and premium washable paint brands, Policolor also had a low-end brand, Vinarom. Widely used in the construction industry since the early 1970’s, the Vinarom mark has become a generic name due to its wide availability and reliable quality in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Although extremely popular within its segment, Vinarom was discontinued in the early 90’s, after several decades of life. In early 2013, Policolor decided to revive the brand and re-establish a firm foothold in the low-end segment.

Today, the Vinarom paint features an improved formula and is ideal for the quick refurbishment of any areas, providing a high degree of white.

It is a rare opportunity to contribute to the comeback of a brand whose name has become an everyday word, present not only in the dictionary but also on the lips of everyday people, who use it for the whole category. It is a name like Xerox and Frigidaire, but one that has been born and raised here, among countryside fences and city blocks.

Stefan Liute
Strategy Director, Storience

We were commissioned to rebuild the brand’s visual identity from scratch, with no records available to document its visual past. Starting from a small but strong set of brand attributes, we proposed a down-to-earth, type-based graphic signature and a packaging design that would look credible to a practical, no-frills and cost-conscious audience. The new colour palette also featured a combination of simple, highly contrasting colours that were easily recognizable as coming from Policolor.

This aspirational economy brand resembles the millions of Romanians it has served along many decades: it is unpretentious, but trustable. It is modest, hard-working, and it over-delivers.

Adriana Liute
Managing Partner, Storience

As befitting a low-end brand, the new Vinarom brand was soft-launched in April 2013 in both modern and traditional retail outlets, banking on a new, dependable formula and a competitive price.

identity, packaging design, slogan
Adriana Liute, Stefan Liute, Andrei Robu, Dan Dulau