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Branding an RPA company

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Making 8 hours a day enough is an interesting proposition for any business and, really, for anyone working in an office. That is exactly Aggranda’s purpose as they set out on a mission to rid businesses of repetitive tasks which are time-consuming, error-prone, and harrowing for people.

How do they do it?

Robot Process Automation (RPA) is not a thing of the future anymore, but it’s still new and large companies are the ones more likely to embrace it. However, Aggranda thinks companies of any size can automate to save time. Since 2019, they show the world how: through software robots customized to any company’s needs, they swiftly transfer robotic tasks (like invoice processing and reconciliation, filling in expense reports, or data entry) from humans to software programs, where they belong. Their robots have names and work side by side with their warm-blooded counterparts, who have more time to handle value-added tasks.

Aggranda logo
logo and slogan

To step out into the world, the RPA company needed a positioning, a name, a slogan, an ownable tone of voice, a visual identity and a website. The brand definition workshop turned out to have creative outcomes, with the brand positioning ”Time. To grow” becoming the company’s slogan as well. Next, the name had to be easily understood and pronounced internationally, have the right meaning, and a .com domain available. Aggranda, derived from ”aggrandize” and thus enforcing the idea that companies have more time to scale with the help of robots, was the winner.

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The visual identity draws inspiration from the animal world—the octopus is skilful and adaptable to its environment, with a remarkably developed nervous system. It is so smart that scientists have used it as inspiration when creating robots. Just like an octopus, Aggranda adapts to companies’ different environments and adds efficiency, intelligence, and helping hands to the teams. The visual style with colourful changing backgrounds behind octopus arms strengthens this idea.

visual style demonstrated on posters

Time—the main benefit Aggranda promises to its clients—becomes a playful verbal asset in communication materials. All professional goals become more easily achievable with more time at hand, so the messages pair the first half of the slogan with a generous wish list: *Time. To scale. / Time. To dream big. / Time. To innovate. *The messages also read like a call to action: It’s time to scale / dream big / innovate.

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Storience understood very well our business even though at that time RPA was very new and few people knew how it worked. Their output was outstanding and it took us a while to decide on the name– the options were that good!

Cristian Ignat
CEO Aggranda
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