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EBC brochure

Summary: The temporary employment niche in Romania has been affected by reputation disasters, as ragtag recruiters send people abroad to work with little or no due diligence. In this context, being agile, yet careful and ethical is an obvious differentiator. Such a brand was EBC when they approached us for rebranding.

EBC is a young human resources company, specialised in temporary employment for local and European companies. They gained ground against well-established competitors, but they still needed a more professional brand image, one that would speak true to their qualities. Their 5-year anniversary was the right moment for a rebrand.

EBC logo before and after
EBC logo colors

Our brand audit helped us single out EBC’s key strengths: an uncanny balance between speed (responsiveness) and care (thorough analysis and matching of clients’ and candidates’ needs). This balance became the pillar of their new brand strategy. It also inspired the metaphor behind their new visual identity: the EBC people are like an aerobatic aircraft team – incredibly fast, yet perfectly coordinated.

EBC concept inspiration

The logo and the original illustrations we developed are simply the vapor trails of such aircraft, while the brand slogan - People who leave a mark - gives those trails more meaning.

EBC stationery

EBC’s new stationery, website and communication materials use the new illustration style featuring aircraft trails in the sky. For backgrounds, we only used colours reminiscent of the sky in different moments of the day.

EBC business cards

The company name – an acronym that didn’t make much sense to the company anymore – received a new meaning with the help of the launch campaign tagline, ”As simple as EBC!” The launch campaign turns companies’ recruitment needs into questions, making the company name the answer to those questions, in a creative and meaningful manner (e.g.: ”Looking for bright employees? As simple as EBC!”)

EBC Stationery

The responsive website relies on original photography that features EBC employees being sporty at work (wasn’t that fun!).

EBC website
EBC website

Our current clients congratulated us and said that our new identity suits us perfectly. Candidates, accustomed with agencies that primarily address the needs of companies, adored the messages targeting them directly, in tune with the new trends: ”If you love your job, you love your mornings. As simple as EBC!” Moreover, potential clients are thrilled with our human but efficient approach and are interested to listen to our story.

Eliza Anitei
Communications Manager at EBC
EBC slogan - As simple as EBC!
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