Fashion Days
puts on a new face

Rebranding CEE’s leading
online fashion retailer

Seo Field

Summary: One of our most challenging projects so far is now live! Read the thrilling story of rebranding a market leader, and learn about our top three challenges:

  1. Bring visual consistency to a brand that needs plenty of flexibility to communicate new campaigns daily, without becoming boring or repetitive.
  2. Create the most complex brand manual in Storience’s record so far.
  3. Working with a client that needs to judge everything through the lens of their in-house creative team (creative director, production team, designers, and copywriters), who are tasked with taking the new brand further.

Fashion Days is a leading online fashion retailer in Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria, and part of Dante International Group. With a 4-million+ client portfolio and over 500,000 products in stock from over 1,000 brands, Fashion Days has earned its market position through high product availability, great brand range, above-market customer experience, and good customer communication.

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However, an extensive market research has revealed that Fashion Days was somehow perceived as exclusive and expensive, despite its strategy having shifted towards mass market two years earlier. This would have made further growth difficult, so a brand refresh was deemed necessary in 2017.

We duly churned the data resulted from the market research, and added our own internal brand analysis, talking to employees from all Fashion Days offices. In an engaging workshop that involved representatives from the client’s main departments, we defined the new brand positioning – “Unlimited fashion discoveries” – which highlights the brand’s new philosophy: fashion is made accessible through prices for every pocket, a generous offering, and plenty of relevant information in the brand’s everyday communication.

To provide the company with the right mindset for growth, we also identified a new set of organisational values, inspired by an insightful employee quote that we collected in our interviews:

Nobody in our team wants to be behind the tide.

Fashion Days employee
warehouse department

Of course, when you’re in fashion and technology, both industries that feed on innovation, you can’t possibly want to lag behind. But we liked it even more that the quote came from an unexpected place – the warehouse department. So, we decided to use the wave rider metaphor and build the new set of values around it. For greater impact and recall, we expressed the new values in the form of a poem:

Ride the tide
Enjoy the ride
Fall, learn, rise higher
See more, see further from above
Feel free, but stay together
Together we laugh better

With the brand definition approved, we started working on the visual identity. The winning logo proposal is a smiley obtained by rotating the FD monogram 90° clockwise. The smiley – which conveys approachability, friendliness and the joy of discovery – can morph into other facial expressions through animation, to support the message. It is also framed, with the frame acting as a distinctive element that further defines the visual style.

The frame is almost always used as a ‘close-in’ device, allowing the viewer to see only two sides of the popular object. This approach is not only differentiating, but it also gives more flexibility in using the frame (through rotation and sizing), and it subtly leaves the on-brand impression that there’s always more to discover.

The mono-chromatic logo is complemented by an unlimited colour palette, allowing the brand to use any colour it needs to promote its unlimited offering. After all, fashion caters to millions of whims, and changes often.

Seo Field

Storience understood perfectly our essence as a brand and what drives our team every day to work. We succeeded together, after a complex analysis and process, to build a new set of values that will take further our brand, and to create a new visual identity that fully represents the new Fashion Days: it is fresh, modern, dynamic and most of all it will be smiling every day to our consumers, just like the people behind the brand do.>

Teodora Saguna
Head of Brand Marketing & PR

The brand manual explains how the frame should be used on materials of all sizes and proportions, in brand campaigns as well as in sales campaigns. It then includes stationery, shipping boxes, offline retail presence guidelines, logo animation guidelines, co-branding do’s and don’ts, an illustration style and the UX guidelines. We’ve also developed a whole set of communication templates.

Fashion Days
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