Storience Launches Zâmburi, a Unique Cultural Product

Storience today launched Zâmburi, a novel entrepreneurial project with a strong cultural component, targeted for the Romanian audience. An umbrella brand that will initially offer 40 short stories in the shape of illustrated greeting cards, Zâmburi will gain nation-wide distribution through the Cărturești bookshop network.

Zâmburi cards on table

Zâmburi is a collection of short, illustrated stories, available for purchase both individually and as a complete set, housed in a accordion-shaped box. Zâmburi is a multi-functional product: one can purchase individual mini-stories, use them for decoration with the specially-designed box, or simply consume them for a pleasant and relaxing reading.

Accordion with Zâmburi on stand

The name Zâmburi comes from the combination of two Romanian words („sâmburi de zâmbet” - smile kernels) and describes the product’s two main features: it makes one smile, and it relaxes one in a very short amount of time.

Accordion with Zâmburi

The cards are only the first medium through which these short stories will be made available. Zâmburi is an umbrella brand that, in the future, will offer similar content through various other formats and media.

Zâmburi launch event

Zâmburi are stories that can easily replace a standard greeting card, a ”thank you” or a ”good night”, but they also have a decorative purpose. The project arose from a real, very personal problem – the need to relax and enjoy ourselves in a very short time, because time is always in very short supply today. Zâmburi are firstly a way of thinking. If everything goes well, we aim to expand this kind of ultra-short content into other formats and media.

Stefan Liute
Writer of Zâmburi and Strategy Director at Storience
Zâmburi card on table

Dan Dulau (the designer for SoNoRo Festival and the creator of Storience’s visual identity) illustrated the mini-stories. Stefan Liute wrote them and Adriana Liute acted as editor. Zâmburi is Adriana and Stefan Liute’s second entrepreneurial venture, following their branding agency, Storience, founded in July 2012.

Zâmburi card on bicycle

Stefan Liute has been a brand consultant for the last 14 years, and Adriana Liute has 9 years’ experience in brand consulting, corporate communication and business journalism.


  • Writing: Stefan Liute
  • Editing: Adriana Liute
  • Illustration: Dan Dulau

With much help and encouragement from our dear friends, Anca Danila (Carturesti) and Alexandra Cismaru (Grafica si Tipar).

Zâmburi card with guitar

Storience is the branding agency on the side of good brands. Brands for whom commercial success and positive social impact derive from the same business strategy. Founded in 2012 by a team of seasoned professionals, the agency has served over 60 clients and won multiple awards in Europe and the United States. Storience has offices in London and Bucharest.


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