Punkt pharmacy mixes
low prices and good looks

Retail branding from scratch to stores

Punkt pharmacy facade simulation

Summary: 17 years after launching the Sensiblu pharmacy chain in Romania, A&D Pharma decided to build a low-cost retail chain at the end of 2014. Using Bucharest as a launching pad for the new chain, A&D Pharma has been expanding Punkt ever since and has turned it into a 100-store national chain three years after launch.

Our client’s market research revealed that patients with low and medium income were looking for cheap medicine, and they had a few low-priced pharmacies to turn to. But they were also receptive to a nicely-designed store and to great services, which did not exist in that price range. Hence, our brief was to create a pharmacy chain brand that looks appealing, but not expensive.

Shopping bags and stationery

We drew inspiration from the high-contrast colours and commercial communication of gas stations and supermarket chains. They, after all, compete on prices all the time, while still paying attention to customer experience and environmental design. The approach is unusual, but the local pharmacy market is incredibly crowded (Romania is 5th in Europe in number of pharmacies per capita), and the white-green-blue colour scheme heavily dominates.


We drew visual inspiration from gas stations and supermarket chains.

The vivid contrast between yellow and blue make Punkt stand out not only on the streets, but also among the many neighbouring competitors.

We proposed the name Punkt for being short, memorable, impactful and relevant to the elderly (who still remember an expression from their Communist past, when pharmacies were called “punct farmaceutic”). The client favoured the “k” instead of “c” to add a German flavour to the brand (and, thus, a suggestion of reliability).

A comprehensive brand manual detailed how the store façade will adapt to different types of locations, but also how the brand will live on shopping bags, timetables, outdoor and indoor communication.

For the retail concept implementation, we worked with architecture studio Arcsett.

A&D Pharma
naming, slogan, visual identity, retail design concept, graphic design, project coordination
Adriana Liute, Stefan Liute, Ovidiu Pop, Arcsett