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Summary: We created the brand and website for a mobile app with a strong, positive vision: fix UK’s dysfunctional supply teaching market, where recruitment agencies often pay and treat teachers poorly.

England’s schools are financially challenged. Teachers’ wages are small, which leads to an almost permanent lack of good, motivated professionals in this sector.

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Supply teachers are the ones who suffer most. As recruitment agencies match them with schools every morning, not only are they paid less (agencies’ fees can reach 50% of their gross pay), but they are often pushed to take on assignments they know nothing about, sometimes hours away from where they live. Supply teachers can’t afford to turn down these offers, as recruiters may never call them again if they do.

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To the rescue comes Teacherise, the mobile app that automatically and inexpensively connects schools and supply teachers based on location, affinity and availability. For only £7 per assignment, schools can quickly and easily fill their temporary vacancies. And if they wish, they can even hire a supply teacher permanently with no extra fee owed.

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We helped Teacherise position and define their brand as a ”fair supply” service. We created their name and visual identity, then explained the concept on a website that received great feedback from media representatives, potential investors and the teachers themselves.

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Teacherise website

Going into the business of fixing a dysfunctional market was always going to be tricky. We knew exactly what was wrong and how we could do it better, but explaining this through the online presence is so much more difficult than in person. Storience was instrumental in helping us build a brand that reflects our core beliefs, and at the same time projects competence and professionalism in an industry where trust is paramount. The results exceeded our most optimistic expectations, with every other person that reaches our website signing up with Teacherise.

Radu Sora
Teacherise Co-founder
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The name is a contraction of the call to action, ”Teachers, rise!”, as the app helps teachers rise their expectations and standards. The rising R in the logo is a positivity metaphor, conveying optimism, innovation, and energy.

Teacherise website

While in many instances the brand is more of an afterthought, we found out that aligning the founders, the product, and the brand early on in startup phase is key for sharpening the focus and delivering a coherent message.

Radu Sora
Teacherise Co-founder
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