Want an A+ in Future?

Launch campaign
for Avenor High School

Avenor High School campaign illustrations

Summary: A year after rebranding Avenor College, the client returned with the brief to create a launch campaign for their high school. Our challenge was to convince students and their parents to join, even if Avenor College could only rely on the good reputation of its primary school. We also wanted to build on the brand promise (and slogan) we had created a year before: creators of future.

Avenor High School needed to attract enough students to fill two classes for their inaugural year. They wanted to communicate in a way that made students and parents notice them, feel they could trust them, and understand their positioning. Their budget was austere, so the campaign needed to be very well targeted.

Avenor College campaign statements

The concept we created built on the school’s positioning: Creators of future. We decided to make a campaign around predictions about the distant future, when today’s high-school students would be building up their careers. Rhetorically asking our audience if they wanted and A+ in future, we offered the solution: join Avenor High School.

The visuals were shared on Facebook, but they also took the shape of bookmarks offered for free in a bookstore that we knew our target audience would visit. Posters were also distributed in relevant places like dental practices and gyms.

Avenor College campaign bookmarks
Avenor College campaign poster and flyers

The school bus was redecorated to reflect the campaign.

The landing page invited people to the high school’s open days, where faculty and school staff could meet parents face-to-face and convince them to choose Avenor.

Avenor College campaign van
Avenor College campaign website
Avenor College campaign website
Avenor College campaign website

The campaign reached its target and did something more: the client told us they were happy with the personality of the students that had signed up, and that the campaign was very well received, making Avenor College stand out among its many competitors.

Another year later, the client came back to us for a continuation of this campaign. The students recruited through this initial campaign became the heroes of the new campaign in 2017.

Avenor High School Recruitees
Avenor College
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Adriana Liute, Stefan Liute, Radu Pose, Alex Gugurel, Ovidiu Pop